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I'm a Paris based iOS developer. I develop iOS apps since 2008 (hello iPhone 0S 2.0), and I help startups to build high-quality, well designed and reliable app.

I had the opportunity to work for great startups like Frichti, Dashlane or Cleanio, and companies like BNP, Cartier, Tod's and more. You can find here my most recent work.

Frichti (2016 - 2017)

Frichti mission is to deliver excellent and fresh food, allowing people to eat well without spending to much. I started working in June 2016, in order to finish their iPhone app and release it. I was tasked to maintain and improve the application, working closely with other department in order to provide to our customer the best possible purchase and delivery experience. Then I focused on laying the ground for the upcoming version 2 of the application.

Frichti start screen Frichti home screen Frichti detail screen Frichti referral screen

Toguna (2015 - 2016)

Toguna is a brainstorming application which helps creatives and innovators to change the world using the ideas of their network. I started in September 2015, with the responsibility of improving the reliability of the app and add new features. We also worked on a branded version for the COP21 event in Paris.

Toguna start screen Toguna home screen Toguna question screen Toguna idea creation screen

Karos (2014 - 2015)

Karos is a carpooling company specialized in commuting. I begin to work with them in late 2014 on a simple version of their iPhone app that matched some of their Android app features. We spent half of 2015 iterating together in order to release a full fledge version that matched the Android app which was still under heavy development.

Karos start screen Karos address finder screen Karos trips screen Karos popup screen

Cleanio (2014 - 2015)

Cleanio is an on-demand dry cleaning company that operates in Paris. I help them build from the ground up, the first version of there iPhone app in spring 2014.

Cleanio start screen Cleanio order screen Cleanio profil screen Cleanio order rating screen

Dashlane (2013 - 2014)

Dashlane is a password manager and secure wallet, that works on every major platform. I started working with them in March 2013, with the goal of developing there iPad version. Which was released the same year. It was followed by integrating the iOS 7 design of the iPhone version, and the addition of new features.

Dashlane main screen Dashlane item detail screen Dashlane sharing screen Dashlane note screen